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Q: How can I order?

A: Orders are done on the website. You can choose whether to cash on delivery at the most current exchange rate shown on our website or pay online at your bank's official rate.

How to Order

Q: When will I receive my order?

A: With COVID-19, we are following local health mandates and taking additional precautions to help ensure the safety of our customers and employees, including reduced staffing and extra cleaning of our warehouses. This may increase the time it takes to process and ship your order—currently up to 5 business days. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Q: Do you offer free delivery / shipping? 

A: Kindly check our delivery policy in the following link: Delivery Policy

Q: Do you offer international shipping?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer international shipping, we only deliver all over Lebanon.

Q: How do I cancel my order?

A: To serve you better, Vivo Cosmetics Lebanon will begin to process your order immediately after it has been submitted, and we are unable to change or cancel an order once it has dispatched.

Methods of payment and incidents

Q: Can I pay Cash on Delivery?

A: You can choose to pay in USD or LBP upon delivery.

If you prefer to in LBP you will be charged at the most current exchange rate shown on our website (Shown on the banner and on the checkout page when you choose to pay Cash on Delivery).

Q: Do you accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express cards?

A: Yes, however because we have a secure cart checkout, your "billing" address must be verified. This means that you must register your Visa, Mastercard or American Express gift card online with the issuing bank including providing them your mailing address in order to use gift cards. Otherwise, your order may be declined even if the gift card is valid and active.

Q: Why is there a pending charge on my account and when does it get released?

A: We might place a temporary authorisation hold on your payment method to guarantee that there are available funds to pay for your order. However, the amount that is being withheld is never actually charged to your account. 

Only after we complete an order (or cancel it) does the authorisation hold become a charge.

The calculation of the hold amount is based on different factors: 

  1. If the order has been completed successfully, we ‘capture’ the authorisation, meaning it becomes a charge.
  2. If the security code was not matched by the processor, we’ll void the authorisation immediately and attempt to capture another payment.
  3. If the amount is higher, we’ll void the authorisation immediately and attempt to capture another payment with the higher amount. 

The hold will be cleared and funds released back to your bank account within a few business days, depending on your bank’s policy. For specific information about your statements, please contact your bank directly.

Other questions

Q: Does our store have any coupons or promotions?

A: Yes, you can find the latest coupons here.

Q: I recently purchased an item online and now it’s discounted. Can I get the discounted price?

A: Pricing on the website is subject to change without notice. Orders placed before promotions are not eligible to receive new promotions or discounts. We reserve the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized, altered, or ineligible use of the offer, and to modify or cancel any promotion due unforeseen issues. 

Q: Where can I find a Vivo Cosmetics store?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a physical store. Orders are done on the website and we deliver all over Lebanon.

Q: If an item is "Out of Stock" or "Coming Soon", how can I be notified once back in stock?

A: You can subscribe to the waiting list by simply pressing on “Notify When Available” on the product page and an email / SMS will be sent to you once back in stock.