SEPHORA Mini Cream Lip Stain Set

Today I will be reviewing the Sephora Mini Cream Lip Stain Set.

It's gonna be a short and simple review for the texture (NOT the colors).

  1. Creamy when you first apply them, then dry and matte
  2. Comfortable on the lips
  3. Do not dry out your lips
  4. Relatively long lasting
  5. Not a 100% transfer-proof
  6. Not waterproof

If you suffer from fine lines in your lips (like me) you will love them, since they are more long lasting than creamy lipsticks yet they don't tend to settle into the lines like most liquid matte lipsticks that I've tried.. Their sizes in this set are really small, but after all that's what we call "sample size"

I advise you to directly get the color that you want, the texture is really nice but the colors in this set might not match your skin tone or you might not like them... Choose the shade and get a full size you won't regret it.

The shades of the Mini Cream Lip Stain Set are:

  • 01 Always Red
  • 38 Sweet Raspberry
  • 40 Pink Tea
  • 43 Crimson Crush

Author: @glow.up_sultana

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