REVOLUTION X Soph Extra Spice

Hello, beauties and welcome back to the blog! I purchased this palette back when I was in France having the best time of my life! Anyways since I came back and I just simply couldn’t let this beauty go! I have been using it every single day for many reasons.

This is the @makeuprevolution x @sophdoesnails and this is her second collab with them the extra spice palette. Firs,t the color scheme is soo me; I have been really into warm tones lately and this is the perfect warm tone palette.

I also love @sophdoesnails and the quality of the palette is incredible the shadows are super buttery and they blend like a dream. The shimmers are just blinding I have used them wet and dry and loved the result they are so rich! Even the matts are very rich in pigment and the red shade is not patchy although these colors are hard to formulate!

This palette for me is a big yes !! I mean the quality is phenomenal the pricing is incredible (11.99€ plus 2.5€ shipping) also the packaging is just stunning!!

I will continue loving this palette in the days that will come I hope you get one and share with me your opinion about it ! Until next time xoxoA😘😍❤️

Author: @glamxqueen 

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