PROFUSION Spectrum Palette

It is the weekend! Here is a review I've been working on.

Spectrum Palette by @profusion

As you can see this palette has 10 matte colorful shades! 🌸What I love about this palette:

  • The shadows are very easy to blend, for someone who has just started to get into colors this palette was all i needed.
  • The pigment is there, the price is really affordable i did not want to invest all of my money into a huge colorful palette so when i found this one i was really happy about it.
  • The colors are more pastel than how they appear in the pan when u swatch them.

An eyeshadow primer or a very light concealer is recommended in order for the shadows to pop.

Gifted and available from @vivocosmeticslb

Author: @makeupbrains 

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