Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

Next up in my eye shadow series is the @hudabeauty Desert Dusk.

When this was released I didn’t want it. Part of me knew I would never use such colors and some of the shades are so similar to the Rose Gold Palette (which I love)
It wasn’t until I was at my friend’s place (shoutout to Aia) and tried her Desert Dusk that I realized how wrong I was. I think this is the second palette I’d repurchase if I ever had to restart my collection.

It has 18 shades: 8 creamy mattes, 6 shimmers, 3 duo chromes, and one glitter.
The formulas are very different (Rose Gold and Desert Dusk), out of all the mattes I like Saffron, Amethyst, and Oud the most. Everything else seemed like a repetition from the RG palette.

As for the shimmers, oh my God.
I literally bought this whole palette because of the shimmers, they are absolutely GORGEOUS. Twilight and Retrograde are my favorite.

The shimmer formula obviously is way better than the original Rose Gold. I love the mirror addition to this, its big. (Even though I personally loved the Rose Gold packaging as well).

The palette is SO much fun. You can literally get so many looks out of this. I use it mostly if I have a special event.

The pigmentation is intense and they show on effortlessly. When I did Mona’s makeup I did have to pack the same color so it can show up on her skin tone.

As for blending, well it blended like a dream (no trouble with that).

I do have one problem with the fact that the glitter can be a bit messy after using it. Just make sure you are careful with it and you’ll be fine.

Author: @littlebitofshimmer


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