GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD® Activated Charcoal Treatment Mini

The @glamglowme Supermud Skin Clearing Treatment mask was definitely a splurge. For the size of this mask and the price tag it had on I hesitated a lot when buying it.

My all time favorite model (@lana_.jpg) recommended this so of course I had to get it😂

What it is:

Advanced clearing treatment with Activated-X charcoal, a super absorbent carbon, to attract toxins and dirt from the deepest and toughest areas.

I’ve been using this twice a week for the past 3-4 weeks and I’ve been noticing such great results. I honestly really doubted this mask would be any better than any regular charcoal mask but after I saw how it helped cool down my face (stress acne) and clarify it I was super impressed.

I naturally have really oily skin that is sometimes uncontrollable. My skin is also prone to breakouts. I tried using this the first time on half of my face and another charcoal mask on the other half (I swear to you my mom was able to see a difference in the glamglow side) it was just clearer and brighter.

I would like to mention that this was close to the Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal mask but this is even better (Unfortunately for my wallet).

Honestly, I’d repurchase it full size because I really liked the results in the end. You really need the thinest layer on for it to work so you don’t go through this as fast as you’d expect.
Author: @littlebitofshimmer


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