FRANK BODY Original Lip Duo

I grabbed the @frank_bod Coffee Scrub and Lip Balm around winter time. I suffer from dry chapped lips and decided to give these a try.

I’ve lightly touched on the lip scrub before and expressed my love for it, I like how it is coffee granules rather than a smoother mix. I’ve tried lip scrubs before with a smoother formula and I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as these. The coffee granules also help with stimulating blood flow & collagen production. It does scrub my lips well but do I feel like its a phenomenal lip scrub? its just a lip scrub and I like the coffee scent, I like the texture, I also like the packaging and the fact it is 15 ml. So why not repurchase it? 

The Lip Balm was a hasty purchase. I just really wanted to grab it since I just wanted the cool duo together, and I am SO glad I did. The lip balm does not have petroleum in like most do. It contains lanolin which has highly emollient properties and ability to prevent water loss. I used to be a religious user of petroleum based lip balms but I felt like they weren’t doing the job for me, my lips weren’t soft or hydrated. I always had chapped lips and I just thought it was just me.

Like Petroleum based lip balms, the Frank Body’s lip balm has a thick texture (because of the lanolin). It’s nice but not sticky or greasy. It has a coffee scent because of Arabica coffee seed oil in the formula. It also has vitamin E, coconut and grapeseed oils, so it’s very moisturizing.

Remember how I said I suffer from chapped lips in winter and Ramadan? Well, I don’t anymore. This really helped moisturize them! I also like how thick it feels on the lips and the fact it can last a really long time. So if you like the feeling of a thick moisturizer on the lips then you’ll love this.

Minimal. Slim. Cheeky.
You can drop any of these products in your purse without worrying about it taking space.

  • Lip scrub: $20
  • Lip Balm: $16
  • Lip Duo: $33 

Purchased from @vivocosmeticslb

Author: @littlebitofshimmer 

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