FRANK BODY Original Coffee Scrub & Lip Scrub

I never really got the chance to try @frank_bod until quite recently.

The Original Coffee Scrub I have is the mini pack in the new packaging. When I first opened it, the coffee aroma filled my bathroom (so fair warning if you hate coffee). At first I thought this was too overpriced, isn’t it just cocoa with brown sugar mixed? How different is it than my $5 body scrub I love a lot?? The bag comes with instructions on it on how to use: you need a small handful of product, rub it on you body, LEAVE IT for 3 minutes, then rinse off.

Its really important to let the product sit on your skin for awhile since its infused with almond oil and your body will need to absorb that. The result? Super smooth skin instantly.

Now I’ve read that this helped people with cellulite and stretch marks. I DID see a difference, most of my stretch marks are much less but they aren’t completely gone.I was quite happy with the result but I need to use this on a longer period of time to see how far will this scrub really help me.

The only disadvantage? I wish the smaller packaging was resealable like the full size. Also this product is VERY messy. The coffee grains will get everywhere in your bath tub but thats a price I am willing to pay for such great results.

• As for the Coffee Lip Scrub: disclaimer: it does taste like coffee. I always struggle with dry lips and try to moisturize and scrub them usually but I always end up having dry lips the next day directly. No lip balm or scrub was able to REALLY help for long periods of time.

This though.
This is incredible.

I use this scrub for 5 seconds and then I wipe it off, I immediately get extra soft lips and they stay soft for next three days (with lip balm of course) Which is crazy cause my lips never stay like this for more than half a day!! This product has around 15 ml which is a lot cause a little swipe of this product is good enough.

Frank body packaging has always attracted me and I love how everything is so slim.
I can’t wait to try their shimmer scrub and lip balm!

Original Coffee Scrub: $14 for 20 g
Coffee Lip Scrub: $20 for 15 ml

Author: @littlebitofshimmer



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