Outrageous Extension - Volume And Length Mascara

Outrageous Extension - Volume And Length Mascara

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Thanks to the perfect combination of a keratin-enriched formula, an intense black shade and a highly effective, exclusive Sephora elastomer brush, this is the only mascara in the Sephora range to achieve this much volume combined with quite simply spectacular length.

Points of difference
- An original brush that has conical bristles with hooks attached for structured, clump-free lash extension.
- A keratin-enriched formula for fabulously thick and strengthened lashes.

This mascara creates a false lash effect for an extreme multi-dimensional result.

How to apply
1. Place the brush at the base of the lashes and use a slight zig zag motion to work the mascara out to the tip.
2. Repeat as often as you like along the lashes until they are coated with the product.
3. For even more extreme volume & length, repeat the application on top of the lashes.

Test results

Extreme volume and length.
Proven effectiveness measured by scientific tests:
81% thought that the mascara provided a beautiful set of lashes*.
75% thought that the mascara separated the lashes*.
90% thought that the mascara was long lasting*.
73% thought that the mascara lengthened lashes*.
76% thought that the mascara created volume*.