Morphe X Jaclyn Hill All The Blends

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill All The Blends

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Blend, baby, blend. Whether you’re rocking a simple eye look or going full glam, a seamless gradient makes all the difference. Get your best blends ever with these five eye brushes, specially curated to sweep to perfection.


  1. JH35 Upper Crease Brush - “I use this one a little higher in the upper area of the crease. It delivers the perfect wash of pigment on the eyes.”
  2. JH33 Universal Blender Brush - “My favorite blending brush of all time. I’ve been in a relationship with this motherf***er for many, many years.”
  3. JH50 Slightly Shady Brush - “The perfect size for that perfect sweep of color over my entire lid.”
  4. JH53 Fo'chisel Brush - “My lids have never looked more flawless.”
  5. JH36 Eye Buffer Brush - “I always go in with this last-but-not-least brush when I’m done with my entire eye look. It’s the finishing touch to go over the edges of everything and buff color out totally clean.”
  6. Large Brush Bag

Bristle type: Natural