Behind The Palette

“The past few years have been absolutely insane... so many highs, so many lows, amazing memories, and tons of drama. Through all of it, my subscribers always had my back. Thank you for loving and supporting me no matter what. This palette is to embracing the past, owning the present, and dominating the future. Together! I hope these shades make you feel strong, powerful, and loved—the way you make me feel every day.” - XO, Jaclyn

Jaclyn launched her first palette with us two years ago (OMG, time flies), and she thought it was beyond-bright. Well, she was just getting started. Jaclyn is living her best life, and her latest take-charge palette shows. Volume II isn’t just another Jaclyn Hill collab. It’s a dramatic glow-up like no other. Bring on the brights, babe. It’s time. 


The answer is simple: yes, you need both. They’re like ride-or-dies who bring out the best in each other. Plus, you’re just that kinda babe:


The OG. The “I want a warm, smoky eye with attitude” palette. These wearable shades are with you through thick and thin (and back again).


Think of her as the bossy sister of Jaclyn’s first palette. She’s extra and not backing down. She’s loud. She’s ready to party. And damn, she looks good. Just like you.