PROFUSION PRO Conceal & Contour

In celebration of @vivocosmeticslb ‘s sale on @profusion today, here is my review on the Pro Conceal and Contour beauty book!

I like the color correctors because of how creamy they are (not oily or greasy). They have a great consistency because they aren't too thin or too thick.

The concealer is nice, its not full coverage which I don’t mind. I use on a daily basis as a concealer or as a primer for my eyes. I use the shade Ivory in this palette as my concealer.
As for the cream contour, I LOVE it. I expected it to be patchy or to barely show up but it was so easy to blend out without disappearing into nothingness. I also expected it to be a bit warmer in tone but it is actually not.

Bronzer and Contour shades:

These are nicely pigmented (not too pigmented so its easier to build up than spend hours trying to blend it in). I found the Light contour to be nice for my skin tone since the shade is cool toned but I personally enjoyed the medium contour the most (I want that poppin’ contour).

My only issue with the contour shades is that when you dip the brush there is kick back from the shadows. 

What I love about the contour shades is that they are CONTOUR shades. They are the right shade of shadow you need to sculpt your face. 

The bronzer is quite nice in warming up the temples, I am not too crazy about it though since its lightly pigmented.


The shades Innocent and Dreamy are to die for (you can see they are well loved).

Dreamy is a creamy highlight with the right amount of shine and sparkle. This looks amazing for everyday or with the highlight Innocent on top of it. 

Innocent is a pink toned powder highlight thats actually quite strong! One stroke of this on and your highlight is on fleek. The only drawback of this is that it gradually loses its shine (does not completely disappear but it is no longer intense) 

As for the powder highlights, they were good but I personally don’t use them as much. 

You get two brushes, a flat one and an angled one. They have very soft bristles!

Purchased from @vivocosmeticslb
Author: @littlebitofshimmer 

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